In overall health outcomes, Howard County ranks 80th out of 92 counties in Indiana…



Step 1 - Know Your Numbers

Our YKnowYourNumbers campaign is designed to raise awareness and encourage people to make healthier lifestyle choices. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so get started by either getting an InBody Scan at the YMCA, visiting your doctor, or reaching out to one of our local partners. By knowing your numbers you can take the positive changes that will help prevent the onset of chronic health conditions. To see more details about the County Rankings, click HERE.

Step 2 - Learn More

Once you know your numbers, dive deeper to gain a better understanding so you can plan a path to get or stay healthy. We have partnered up with some great local businesses and nonprofits to help guide and educate you on what your numbers mean to your overall health. Learning more will influence your attitude and give you the ability to build healthier habits. Check out our PARTNERS page for more detailed  content.

Step 3 - Let's Move!

Now that you know your numbers and what they mean- it is time to get moving! Your next step could include signing up for personal training sessions, going to a group fitness class, or just walking around our indoor track. Even outside of the Y, you could walk laps at the mall, ice skate at the Frozen Sandlot and make sure your meals are healthy. It doesn’t matter where you start- Our goal is to help you develop lifelong healthy habits, ensuring you reach your greatest potential toward building a healthier and more prosperous community. Check out our TIPS page to get moving!